Bootstrapping OSX with Chef

04-Aug, 2014

I have already moved much of my development infrastructure to Chef and thought that I would save a lot of time and learn more about Chef by moving my workstation configuration to Chef as well. I run a MacBook Pro and in order to bootstrap it you run the following command:

knife bootstrap -x mransley --sudo

You need to use the sudo command together with the username (-x) because Mac OSX doesn’t really use the root account that much.

titanium:Desktop mransley$ knife bootstrap -x mransley --sudo
Connecting to
Password: Starting first Chef Client run... Starting Chef Client, version 11.12.8 Creating a new client identity for using the validator key. resolving cookbooks for run list: [] Synchronizing Cookbooks: Compiling Cookbooks... [2014-08-04T16:21:36+10:00] WARN: Node has an empty run list. Converging 0 resources Running handlers: Running handlers complete Chef Client finished, 0/0 resources updated in 9.399649 seconds
titanium:Desktop mransley$

And the OSX host is successfully bootstrapped.

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